Results from workshops and senior-level type classes at design programs in Vancouver. The examples below are the result of quick 3-hour activities and larger term projects. All projects shown are the sole work of the designers listed.



Modular Stamp Workshop

A short exercise intended to help students generate new, unexpected forms. Each student is given a stamp with a geometric shape. By combining their stamp with those of other students, the shapes can be used to create wild results.


Intro to Type Design

A six-week project that serves as an introduction to type design, students are required to create their own display typeface. Each students develops a concept, considers source material and works through the many production phases of the type design workflow.


Cornerstone by Sean Ostashek

Cinara by Michelle Young

Roguemont by Kenneth Ormandy


Vernacular Lettering

Letters reflect the visual culture of the places we inhabit. This three-week project is intended to help students appreciate context and understand why some letters work in certain applications.


Lettering and references for Mount Pleasant by Rachael Crocker


Spatial Lettering

A half-day workshop that requires students to visualize form in three-dimensions by adjusting the placement of balloons on a two-dimensional surface.