Type Design


Type Design

This selection of projects includes published fonts, work in development, and commissioned type for prominent agencies and pop-culture magazines.



Charlie & Echo


Charlie and Echo are matching slab-serif and sans-serif type families intended for print and exhibitions. The families total over 34 styles across 12 weights. Both typefaces support full Greek and Cyrillic. Available exclusively through Typotheque and Fontstand

Icons designed with Josh Nychuk

Icons designed with Josh Nychuk




Inspired by lettering from fruit stand signage on the Ile d’Orléans, Quebec. The fast, steep slant and not-quite-joining letters led to a style that evokes references of neon, 1980s diners, and gooey, strawberry jam. 




A geometric typeface developed for the house style at Post Projects. The wide forms draw from familiar standards like Futura with a hint of influence from European Grotesks.




An all-caps display typeface based on lettering found in rural Mexico.


Stag Sans Round


The result of Esquire Magazine’s desire to keep up with changing fashion and continually evolve the graphic language of the magazine. Based on their existing typefaces, the rounded variations managed a softer tone in a men’s magazine. Created under direction from Commercial Type.


Graphik Shaded


Bon Appétit commissioned a series of fonts based on the magazine’s existing type standards. The four shaded variations enrich display headlines across the publication, evoking styles reminiscent of French bistro signage. Created under direction from Commercial Type. Based on the Graphik type family designed by Christian Schwartz.


Sport BC


Twice Brand commissioned a custom typeface to underpin the new Sport BC identity. The heavy letterforms sit on top of colourful sporting images and obscure the athletes features. The effect gives the images an ‘everyone’ quality, suggesting that the athletes could be anyone.

All Sport BC images courtesy of Twice Brand

All Sport BC images courtesy of Twice Brand